How it works

How it Works

Schedule a Functional Medicine Appointment. Upon scheduling your appointment, you will receive patient intake forms and an email explaining how to do your lab draw.  This will give us a comprehensive view of our health and lifestyle.

What to Expect

Tell your story. Begin steps toward wellness. Option to order additional functional labs/tests based on discussion and your preferences.

We will review the results of your functional labs in detail, optimize your wellness plan, and target treatment as needed.

We will assess how your treatment plan is going, make adjustments as necessary and complete your overall wellness plan. Or, enter the next phase of your food plan, gut health repair, detox or adrenal support.

We’ll find out where you need support in your wellness plan and modify as needed for your unique lifestyle or any symptoms that need to be re-addressed.

Healing is happening. You’ll have the option to order retesting to assess improvement or any need for changes.

Review result fro re-test. Finalize your wellness plan for long-term health.

Wellness or Nutrition Consultations:

Dr.Karwowski will be able to discuss your health goals, find areas that need improvement and create a detailed wellness plan.

Fee Schedule


45 minutes face-to-face with Dr. Karwowski

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule the appointment, with the remaining balance due upon the visit. There are no refunds on the deposit regardless of circumstance.


Treatment Plan Appointmentis approximately 60 minutes. 

Dr. Karwowski will meet with you to discuss the lab results and review her treatment plan for your case.


30 min appointment.

This is a monthly check in visit with the doctor.  Used to determine how the dietary changes as well as supplements and herbs are affecting the patient.

*No lab review

$25.00 to $500

Lab price can range between depending upon the lab that is ordered, the terms and conditions of your health insurance plan, and deductibles relevant to lab services.

Our experience is most patients are paying between $30.00 and $200.00 out-of-pocket for required labs. 


96 Food Pannel

****Important – These prices do not include supplement cost. Average cost for a month of care depends on the severity of symptoms and the individual cases. Dr. Karwowski uses only medical grade supplements that are found to be potent, effective, and safe.

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