Functional Medicine Fee Schedule:

Functional Medicine Fee Schedule:


  • 45 minutes face-to-face with Dr. Karwowski. 
  • A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule the appointment, with the remaining balance due upon the visit. There are no refunds on the deposit regardless of circumstance.


  • Treatment Plan Appointment is approximately 60 minutes. Dr. Karwowski will meet with you to discuss the lab results and review her treatment plan for your case.


  • 30 min appointment. This is a monthly check in visit with the doctor.  Used to determine how the dietary changes as well as supplements and herbs are affecting the patient.
  • Lab price can range between $25.00 to $500 depending upon the lab that is ordered, the terms and conditions of your health insurance plan, and deductibles relevant to lab services.
  • Our experience is most patients are paying between $30.00 and $200.00 out-of-pocket for required labs. 


  • 96 Food Pannel

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